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Cosmetic Composite Fillings in Martinez, CA

Turn to Us for Composite Fillings in Martinez, CA

Are you interested in composite fillings? Contact us to set up an appointment to address a cavity.

Composite fillings replace damaged or removed areas of your teeth. Dental professionals can match the color of composite resin to your teeth, making fillings hard to notice after a procedure. Our team at Artesa Dental takes care of composite fillings in Martinez, CA, for our patients.

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Cavities and Composite Fillings in Martinez

You may develop multiple cavities in your teeth throughout your life, even with perfect oral health habits. Cavities form when bacteria eat away at tooth enamel, eventually causing damage.

Cavities can grow more serious the longer you ignore them. Therefore, dental professionals recommend that you get immediate help restoring any affected tooth. We can set up an appointment to clean out the cavity and fill the damaged area with a composite filling.

The filling protects the interior of your tooth from further damage. Composite fillings also match the rest of your tooth, making it difficult for other people to notice them.


Composite fillings represent only one of your options for dental care for a cavity. In the past, many people received metal or amalgam fillings. However, these fillings – often made of silver – have their benefits.

Silver fillings generally last a long time. This is because they do not wear down the same way white fillings do. However, they also don’t match your teeth. Instead, they stand out.

We go over your options and preferences when you meet to discuss getting a filling. If you have old silver fillings that you want to replace for cosmetic reasons, you can reach out to us to learn more.

Possible Health Risks for Silver Fillings

Many silver fillings do not contain pure silver. Instead, dental professionals make them with a mix of several metals. Many of these older fillings contain small amounts of mercury.

Mercury is a toxic metal, and exposure to the material may lead to serious health consequences in some circumstances. Consider protecting your health by choosing composite fillings in Martinez, CA, instead.


Some people call composite fillings “white fillings.” However, it’s more accurate to call them tooth-colored fillings. Generally, dentists have a range of colors to choose from when they create tooth-colored fillings, allowing them to match your teeth.

Closely matching the color of your teeth helps composite fillings stay less noticeable. In addition, they provide you with a discrete option for your oral health care.

Come In for a Dental Assessment Before Getting a Filling

Composite fillings in Martinez, CA, may not represent the right choice for everyone. Generally, we recommend filling a cavity only if you still have a certain amount of tooth structure. Allowing a cavity to go too long without treatment causes increased damage to your tooth.

Eventually, cavities may result in too much decay to allow cleaning and filling the tooth. Therefore, we may advise you to have the tooth removed instead. We offer you several options if you have a tooth extracted.

You may get an implant to replace the tooth. We use metal studs to anchor implants directly into your jaw, giving them much stability.

You may also want to consider a bridge, especially if you lost more than one tooth in a row. Bridges connect to undamaged teeth on either side of a gap and replace the missing teeth.

Both implants and bridges make it easier to chew and help you avoid gaps in your smile.

How to Care for Your Composite Filling

Composite fillings help protect your tooth from further damage. However, we recommend caring for your fillings for the best results. Make sure that you:

  • Brush twice a day
  • Floss every day
  • Use a fluoride toothpaste

You can usually eat as usual with a filling, though you may need to avoid gums or sticky candies in some situations. Please find out more by reaching out to us.


Are you interested in composite fillings in Martinez, CA? Our team at Artesa Dental, a woman-owned dental clinic, can set up an appointment to review your options when you contact us at (925) 370-9900. Discuss your situation with a professional member of our team now.