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Dental Bridges in Martinez, CA

Get Dental Bridges in Martinez, CA

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When you have missing teeth, it can result in reduced confidence, chewing discomfort, and more. Many people may feel hopeless in this situation.

However, there is a practical solution to this problem. Dental bridges help millions of Americans each year regain the smiles that they lost along with their self-esteem.

Artesa Dental of Martinez is a full-service restorative dental office that offers exceptional dental bridge services to the Bay Area community. Dr. Amanda Backstrom, DMD, is committed to improving the oral health of all her patients by relying on her expert knowledge of dentistry and her several years of experience.

What Are Dental Bridges?

Dentists use dental bridges to help bridge the gap between missing teeth in patients. Dental professionals create bridges by developing a series of crowns to replace your missing teeth.

Your dentist will attach two or more of these crowns to the teeth on both sides of your gap. Then, we will place one or more false teeth to fill in the void.

We use many different materials for our bridges, including gold, porcelain, and alloys. Dental implants or your natural teeth will help support your bridges.

There are several benefits to getting a fixed bridge placed in your mouth.

Smile Restoration

If you lost confidence in your smile because of missing teeth, a bridge is an ideal way to get it back. A bridge will restore your smile and have you ready to show it off again.

Pain Alleviation

When you have missing teeth, regular tasks such as chewing and talking become uncomfortable. Gapped teeth may also impact the way you speak, making it noticeable to the people in your life. A bridge will alleviate this pain and prevent conditions such as gum disease.

Prevent Misalignment

Another potential side effect of missing teeth is the misalignment of the rest of your teeth. Eventually, your natural teeth will lean toward the gap in your mouth, causing more discomfort. Our bridges will ensure that we fill this gap with pontics that look real.

Dental bridges also help you maintain the shape of your face, your bite, and much more.

Types of Dental Bridges

At our Martinez dental office, we use many different dental bridge types. After a consultation, the dentist will suggest one of the following bridge options:

Traditional Bridges

The most common bridge type we use on our Martinez patients is a traditional bridge.

Traditional bridges are what we illustrate above; bridges that include dental crowns on both sides of the gapped teeth and a pontic (artificial tooth) that fills in the gap.

Cantilever Bridges

We only use cantilever bridges on rare occasions. Slowly, dental offices are starting to eliminate the use of cantilever bridges as they can facilitate the destruction of your other teeth.

Dentists may use these bridge types on missing teeth in the back of your mouth, where there are only teeth on one side of the missing tooth.

Maryland Bonded Bridges

Alternatively, we offer porcelain bridges for our patients. One side of these bridges attaches to your natural teeth via a metal, porcelain, or plastic bridge.

The framework of these bridges comprises porcelain or metal.

The Process

Receiving dental bridges in Martinez, CA, is a seamless experience. One of our expert dentists will prepare your abutment teeth during your initial appointment. Abutment teeth are the teeth that surround the gapped region.

Next, we will remove some enamel from your mouth to make way for a crown. Then, we will take impressions of your teeth.

These impressions help us customize your bridges to fit your teeth exactly. Before you leave our dental office, we will place a temporary crown in your mouth while working on a permanent solution.

During your subsequent appointment, our dentists will remove your temporary bridge and check the fit of your permanent bridge. Typically, it will take a couple of follow-up appointments before creating an exact match for your mouth.

You can expect to receive your permanent crown within two weeks of your first appointment. Once the dentist cements your permanent crown, you can expect it to last several years, depending on the material.


If you or a loved one needs to schedule an appointment for dental bridges in Martinez, CA, call Artesa Dental of Martinez at 925-370-9900.

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