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Dental Crowns in Martinez, CA

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Oral health is a crucial aspect of your overall well-being.

Restorative dentistry aims to help you recover from tooth decay, cavities, and other oral health issues. It also gives you peace of mind, knowing that you are getting ahead of future critical conditions, such as gum disease and tooth loss.

Artesa Dental of Martinez is Dr. Amanda Backstrom, DMD’s Californian dental practice offering crowns to patients of all ages. Dr. Backstrom has the knowledge and experience to help restore you or your loved one’s damaged tooth.

We know the stigma attached to a trip to the dentist, which is why we emphasize a hospitable, patient-friendly culture at our dental office. We want our patients to feel as comfortable as possible when they schedule an appointment with us.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are commonplace in a dental professional’s office. A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap dentists use to cover damaged or decayed teeth.

When there is damage to one of your teeth, you want to cover it as soon as possible to prevent complications down the line. If you ignore these issues, they may exacerbate, leading to more critical problems, such as gum disease and gingivitis.

A crown protects your teeth from incurring more damage. Plus, it blends in with your other teeth, improving your mouth’s aesthetic appearance.

There are several reasons why your dentist may recommend implementing a crown.

To Protect a Weak Tooth

Perhaps the most common reason we will insert a crown is to protect a weak tooth. When there are signs of tooth decay, you must deal with it immediately.

Ignoring a damaged natural tooth can cause it to break, which is painful and requires a more intensive procedure. We also use crowns to hold together a cracked tooth.

To Restore a Broken Tooth

When your tooth breaks, it can be disruptive to the chewing, eating, and biting processes. Our crowns help balance your teeth, ensuring that they are even for a more comfortable chew.

We also use dental crowns in Martinez, CA, to hold a bridge in place, cover implants, and much more.

Types of Crowns

There are many different dental crown types that we can insert into your teeth.

Stainless Steel

Typically, dental professionals use stainless steel crowns as a temporary fix. When your dentist recommends a permanent crown, they will often place a stainless steel cover to hold you over as they create a custom crown for your damaged tooth.

We also use stainless steel crowns for children as they are safe to come out alongside their first set of teeth.


Alternatively, our dentists may use metal crowns on your teeth. Typically, metal crowns last the longest of any dental cover type and can withstand heavy pressure from chewing and biting.

The downside of these crown types is that they are noticeable if you use them on any of your front teeth. Most of our patients opt for metal crowns on their molars as they are easy to hide.


Many patients gravitate toward porcelain crowns. A porcelain crown blends in with the rest of your natural teeth, ensuring that nobody will notice you have a dental crown in your mouth.

One of the disadvantages of porcelain crowns is they break more frequently than other crown types. However, if an aesthetic appeal is crucial for you, porcelain is an ideal choice.

The Process

We aim to make the dental crown process as straightforward as possible. The first thing our dentists do is examine your tooth through digital dental x-rays and other state-of-the-art equipment to identify the root of the problem. If there is a critical issue such as a root canal, we will deal with that first.

Then, we will reshape your tooth to fit the crown you receive. Sometimes, we may insert a temporary crown while developing your permanent solution.

Afterward, we will schedule a follow-up appointment to insert your permanent crown.

Most crown procedures last less than 90 minutes. You can expect to recover from the discomfort of your crown within a couple of weeks.


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