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Dental Sealants in Martinez, CA

The Best Dental Sealants in Martinez, CA

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Dental caries develops in most people’s mouths at some point. Caries refers to tooth damage that occurs when decay-causing bacteria living in your mouth attack the surfaces or enamel of your teeth. This naturally leads to cavities, as the bacteria dig through and create holes in your teeth.

To prevent cavities, Artesa Dental offers some of the best dental sealants in Martinez, CA. Your dentist will place a dental sealant, a thin material placed on the chewing surface of a molar, atop your tooth, preventing dental diseases from occurring. Sealants work as well for children as they do for adults.

You need an expert dentist to handle the process when you need sealants. At Artesa Dental of Martinez, we have years of experience treating old and young patients, bringing them the pinnacle of dental care. Reach out to our practice today if you need help with any tooth decay-related issue.

What Are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants involve a thin plastic coating layered onto your molars or back teeth to correct decay, pits, and fissures. This coating bonds to the tooth, filling in any gaps or voids in the tooth’s surface. Depending on your dental hygiene routine, your sealants can last nine years or more.


While good dental hygiene and brushing can go a long way in preventing tooth caries, dental sealants provide extra protection where brushing may not be able. Food can get easily trapped inside the ridges in the chewing surfaces of your teeth, making them difficult to clean and maintain. 

Sealing these dips and valleys prevents food buildup in harder-to-reach places. Covering these areas altogether removes the ability for food to become trapped, thus reducing the risk of cavities in the future. 


At Artesa Dental of Martinez, we administer dental sealants to children and adults. In children, we use sealants as a preventative measure before they have developed cavities. Whenever you or a loved one has deep ridges in their teeth, you are a prime candidate for dental sealants, which will drastically increase your brushing efficiency in these previously inaccessible places on a tooth’s surface. 

Sometimes, we will use sealants on baby teeth, as they play an integral role in maintaining space for the fully formed adult teeth. 

How We Apply Dental Sealants

The process of applying dental sealants in Martinez, CA, is quick and easy:

  • First, we will clean your teeth to ensure every bit of plaque and decay leaves the tooth’s surface.
  • Next, we apply a gel to your tooth and let it dry; this makes your tooth’s surface rough and perfect for the binding of the sealant.
  • We rinse and dry your tooth.
  • We paint the sealant onto the tooth, drying it with a special light as needed to strengthen the tooth.

The entire process takes only a few minutes, typically surprising most of our patients when they come in for their first dental sealant. 

Types of Dental Sealants

Dental sealants come in two different types: composite resins and glass ionomers. We utilize each depending on their reaction strength on the patient’s teeth.

Composite Resin

Applied with a dental curing light, these sealants include a plastic compound and ceramic, allowing them to blend with your natural teeth seamlessly. 

Composite resin remains widely used due to its innate strength, acting as a solid natural deterrent to cavities and decay. Composite resin sealants last five to ten years with a higher retention rate than glass ionomer. 

Glass Ionomer

This sealant undergoes an acid-base reaction as we set it onto your teeth. Over time, glass ionomer releases fluoride to help bolster your tooth enamel. We only use glass ionomer on primary teeth. The addition of the anti-bacterial fluoride makes these sealants exceptional at preventing future decay.

Even when the fluoride eventually runs out, the sealant protects the teeth—and the enamel strengthened by the fluoride. Overall, glass ionomer has tremendous advantages (even looking just like your natural teeth) yet lower retention rates than composite resin.

Ready to Get Dental Sealants in Martinez, CA?

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