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Dentures in Martinez, CA

Full and Partial Dentures in Martinez, CA

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Missing teeth not only affect your bite but can impact your self-esteem, too. Dentures are an excellent option for patients who want to restore their smile with a set of artificial yet natural-looking teeth. 

At Artesa Dental of Martinez, we offer high-quality full and partial dentures in Martinez, CA. Our team of dental professionals is passionate about helping patients achieve their best and brightest smiles. With dentures, you can restore your smile and bite even if you are missing teeth. 

Although dentures are made of artificial material, they are just as strong as natural teeth. The base of dentures is a gum-colored acrylic, and the teeth are made of porcelain or resin. The result is a set of artificial replacements that look and feel like your original teeth.

Types of Dentures

Artesa Dental of Martinez offers complete, partial, and temporary dentures to fit the unique needs of every patient. 

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are ideal for patients who are missing all of their teeth. Your dentist will take molds of your mouth to customize your dentures to fit the unique shape of your mouth. 

Since complete dentures function like natural teeth, it is essential to clean them properly each day. Patients can take care of their dentures by brushing them with normal toothpaste or soaking dentures in a cleaning solution at night. With proper dental care, a quality set of dentures can last up to ten years. 

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures work the same as complete dentures, and they are ideal for patients missing only some of their teeth. Partial dentures consist of a metal framework and plastic base that secures your gum tissue while creating a natural look and feel. 

Partial dentures protect the surrounding teeth by keeping them in place. When you lose a tooth or a set of teeth, the surrounding teeth can shift positions. Partial dentures prevent this shifting and protect the dental structure of your mouth.

Partial dentures are an excellent alternative to cosmetic dentistry for patients looking to replace certain teeth. Not only are they less invasive than cosmetic procedures, but they are also removable.

Temporary Dentures

Temporary dentures are exactly what they sound like. While patients wait for their dental implants, full, or partial dentures from their dentist in Martinez, CA, they will receive temporary dentures to protect their mouth. 

Temporary dentures use a metal wire to secure into your mouth. They fit similarly to retainers, but they have the added benefit of artificial teeth. 

How Does Getting Dentures Work?

When you and your dentist decide that dentures are the best course of action for your oral health, the first step is to take a mold of your mouth. No two patients have the same dental structure, and taking a mold of your mouth helps dental professionals customize a set of dentures that will fit naturally. 

Generally, patients getting dentures will need to schedule multiple appointments with their dentist. During each appointment, your dentist will take measurements of your mouth and create a set of dentures that fit your unique dental structure.

The last visit is when patients will receive their official dentures. Your dentures should feel comfortable enough to eat and speak with. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Full and Partial Dentures in Martinez, CA

  1. Can I sleep in dentures? Yes, patients can sleep in their dentures. However, most dentists recommend that their patients remove their dentures at night to give their gums a chance to breathe. Cleaning and submerging your dentures in a cleaning solution every night is the best way to protect them and extend their lifespan. 
  2. Can you have both lower and upper dentures? Yes! Your top row of teeth is not too different from your bottom row. As previously mentioned, your dentist will likely recommend that you remove both sets of dentures at night to give your gums a break from the pressure and to effectively clean your artificial teeth. 
  3. Will my dentist color match partial dentures to match the rest of my natural teeth? A primary concern among patients receiving partial dentures is if their set of artificial teeth will match their natural teeth. Prosthodontists understand this concern and use the latest technology and techniques to offer patients partial dentures that blend in with their natural teeth.

Artesa Dental offers partial and full dentures in Martinez, CA. Call us at (952) 370-9900 to learn more about our dental solutions today!