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Digital Dental Radiography

Safe Digital X-rays for Dental Care in Martinez, CA

If you are looking for a safe and easy option for your dental examinations, Artesa Dental of Martinez is the answer. Get your dental X-rays by calling 925-370-9900 today. 

X-ray imaging is a modern medical staple that scientists have studied and improved since its creation over 100 years ago. Dentists use X-rays to help diagnose oral health problems. Due to their imaging accuracy, digital X-rays reduce human error from surface investigations.

We pair 3d dental imaging of the mouth with visual examination to ensure that our dentists are thoroughly checking problems with the teeth, roots, jaw, and more.

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), which works closely with the FDA, dentists should use X-ray imaging to:

  • Examine new patients’ teeth
  • Monitor developing dental diseases
  • Observe dental development in children
  • Diagnose common dental problems that can affect oral health

The ADA also explains that digital imaging is much safer than conventional dental X-rays due to reduced exposure to radiation. That’s why Artesa Dental of Martinez offers digital X-rays in Martinez, CA. Your health and safety are our top priority.

Keep reading to learn more about our digital X-rays and the dental examination process.


Digital X-rays are an ADA-approved method to observe dental health. Where normal X-rays employ electromagnetic waves to produce an image of your teeth on film, digital X-rays can transfer the standard X-ray image to a computer. Benefits of using digital X-rays include: 

  • Significantly less exposure to radiation
  • More accurate diagnosis of oral health problems
  • A quicker way to get high-quality X-ray imaging of teeth
  • Less environmental waste (since the film is not used)

Digital X-rays also produce much clearer imaging than regular X-rays, which is essential to our dentists’ diagnoses of dental problems. Our digital X-rays in Martinez, CA, also produce up to 90% less radiation than standard X-rays. Thus, they are both safer and easier to read than conventional technology.


According to the ADA, dentists and patients must decide together when it is best to administer digital X-rays. Our Artesa dentists recommend digital X-rays for new patients, routine monitoring of oral health, oral disease, identification of emergency problems, placement of braces, and more.

At Artesa Dental of Martinez, your oral health is our top priority. Digital X-rays are important to allow our dentists to see the whole picture of your dental health. Our dentists will always keep you in the loop about why you should get X-rays and what the next steps are after diagnosis.

Where Can I Get Top-Quality Digital X-rays?

If you are looking for high-quality digital X-rays in Martinez, CA, Artesa Dental of Martinez can help. We are a woman-owned dental clinic that strives to provide our patients with superior dental care. We service patients from Martinez, California, and the surrounding areas.

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