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Laser Dentistry in Martinez, CA

Precise Laser Dentistry in Martinez, CA

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It’s no secret that visiting the dentist can be intimidating and uncomfortable. Many patients avoid getting dental care due to the temporary pain and sensitivity treatments can cause. Fortunately, laser dentistry in Martinez, CA, effectively resolves these problems and other oral discomforts.

At Artesa Dental of Martinez, we perform top-of-the-line laser dentistry for patients in Martinez, CA. We ease your anxiety and make dental treatment painless using advanced laser technology. Our team provides the skilled and comfortable care you deserve, from laser teeth cleanings to intensive laser gum surgery.

Innovations in technology enable us to improve the patient experience. Laser dentistry helps treat many problems without irritating your mouth. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on our treatments.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry in Martinez

Laser dentistry offers many benefits for oral health, comfort, and treatment recovery. The treatment’s flexibility makes it a top choice among dentists and patients. Benefits of laser dentistry in Martinez, CA, include:

  • Faster recovery times
  • Less bleeding and gum irritation
  • Quicker treatments
  • Reduced scarring
  • Anesthetic is not necessary
  • Improved tooth preservation

Lasers are great for patients of all ages – even kids. Small laser tools fit more comfortably in patients’ mouths than traditional tools, and they’re quiet and painless. Anxious patients can get treatment without the uncomfortable sensations of traditional dental brushes.

Our team understands the need for a convenient solution and strives to help every patient reap the benefits of laser dentistry. No patient should suffer a painful dental appointment. Whether you’re due for a cleaning or a specific treatment, we can implement gentle laser dentistry.

Laser Gum Surgery and Teeth Whitening

Lasers aren’t just useful for general teeth cleaning. They also are excellent for performing cosmetic and practical dental procedures. Between necessary surgeries and optional treatments like laser bleaching, a laser dentistry procedure can help you.

Laser gum surgery is a new innovation for combating gum disease. When bacteria reach below the gum line, removing the hardened plaque can be especially painful and difficult. Traditional treatments can cause gum inflammation and bleed, while laser dentistry is precise and gentle.

Many patients long for a shiny, white smile. Teeth whitening is now possible with laser bleaching. You can take your smile from stained to sparkling with minimum sensitivity with one appointment.

Other Laser Treatments

With the help of laser technology, our general and cosmetic dentistry is safer, more comfortable, and more convenient than traditional treatment methods. We can also use laser dentistry to:

  • Perform root canals and eliminate tooth decay
  • Remove scar tissue
  • Resolve tooth discoloration
  • Seal and restore damaged nerves
  • Heal mouth sores with minimal scarring
  • Contour the gum line

Our staff seeks continuing education to adapt to modern dentistry. Whether you have periodontal disease or need preventative care, we can treat you with laser dentistry and avoid anesthesia.

High-quality Laser Dentistry Services in Martinez, CA

At Artesa Dental of Martinez, we strive to provide comprehensive services to our patients. While many general dentists don’t offer laser dentistry, we stay at the cutting edge of technology. That’s why we provide high-quality laser dentistry for patients in Martinez and the surrounding areas.

With laser dentistry, we can perform what would be otherwise painful treatments without causing discomfort or requiring an anesthetic. Because of the precise nature of this treatment, we can reduce the need for medication.

Additional Services from Artesa Dental

Our dentists have significant experience treating patients with anxiety. Artesa Dental of Martinez offers a relaxing atmosphere and luxury amenities to ease nerves. Our quiet, stress-free laser dental treatment will make your appointment nothing to fear.

We can also install dental implants, fill cavities, and restore your smile’s appearance. In addition to laser dentistry, we offer:

  • General dentistry: We provide necessary general treatments including repairing fillings, performing root canals, and fitting dentures.
  • Cosmetic dentistry: Patients seeking a bright, straight smile can take advantage of Invisalign, laser teeth whitening, and other cosmetic services.
  • Preventative dentistry: We help patients maintain excellent oral health through preventative cleanings, digital dental x-rays, and more.
  • Pediatric dentistry: We are experts at treating children and encouraging positive brushing habits.


You don’t have to suffer at the dentist anymore or go without care! Get comfortable and effective laser dentistry in Martinez, CA, with Artesa Dental of Martinez for a painless experience. Contact us to schedule an appointment today at (925) 370-9900.